Antiquities together with artefacts from the Stone age,Bronze age,Celtic iron age,Roman,Saxon,Viking,Medieval and Tudor period, also Antiques from various periods.We also offer quality coins for sale.

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You have come to the site for COINS, ANTIQUITIES and ARTEFACTS from all periods.


VALUED HISTORY is one of the major dealers in the United Kingdom offering quality COINS & ARTEFACTS for sale.

We always have many coins & artefacts for sale also we have access to new material all the time.
If we do not have what you are looking for today you can be certain we will have next time. If you have particular requirements or interests then please let us know so that we can keep a note on file and contact you should the need arise.

BENETS 2nd EDITION HERE click on book to order.

You will be able to view many coins and antiquities here and for those of you who wish to make a purchase we have set out the procedure for your convenience.


TEL: 01353 654080

FAX: 01353 654080

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